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The business loan awards were featured on Channel for All Nations radio on April 29, 2017

The graduation on March 18, 2017 was aired on Good News Broadcasting and Zodiak FM

Being a Woman and an Entrepreneur in Malawi


Written by Student Driven Solutions alumni, Mayamiko Chiwaya

Starting a business in Malawi is not an easy thing. Most people think that once you come up with a business idea you can implement it right away, which is not always true. To start a business requires hard work and dedication. In this edition, I will share with you the challenges women and girls encounter while striving to start small businesses in Malawi…

On Timveni Radio talking about a partnership with Invest Malawi whereby 50 of our students will attend a conference on funding your big idea!

Pilirani, SDS student, says a few things in Chichewa so here’s a translation 🙂
“The guests who come to speak us on Friday have assisted me because now I realize I can achieve things I didn’t think were possible. I feel motivated by these guests. I learned about SDS through a friend. My advice to fellow girls is to participate in the SDS program. I wanted to do medicine and before I doubted. But now I want to keep pursuing it.”

Malawian Girls Confront Country’s Financial Gap Through Literacy

(WOMENSENEWS)–To support herself and her child, Miriam Kansungwi runs a small business. Sometimes she sells water, other times she has tomatoes to offer. When the 19-year-old single mom doesn’t have enough capital to run a business she earns money by helping people draw water from boreholes…

Student Driven Solutions Equips Over 70 Young Girls with Business Skills


Over 70 young girls in the country can now afford a smile as they have benefited from Student Driven Solutions (SDS) project which has equipped them with business skills.
Speaking in an interview during the celebration of second class of Girls Empowered students in Lilongwe on Saturday, Founder and Executive Director, Rebecca Gross said their main focus is to see young girls being self-dependent describing them as potential agents of change…

Speaking on Joy TV and Good News Broadcasting in Malawi in August 2016

A Drop in the Bucket


…At Student Driven Solutions, I need to hold faith in the drop in the bucket and believe that our influence on these 75 students has meaning. I know who these girls are and where they come from. I know their dreams and hopes for the future. They are not statistics. In many ways, it makes the work much harder; yet, the rewards are much more touching…

2015 Malawi Global Money Week

We were among one of the projects visited by the Reserve Bank of Malawi in March 2015 to celebrate Global Money Week!

Malawi joined the rest of the world in celebrating the Global Money Week under the theme ‘Save Today. Safe Tomorrow’. The Director of Microfinance and Capital Markets Supervision at the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) launched the week in Blantyre, emphasizing the need for Malawian youth to be financially literate…

Changemaker in Malawi


….She was impressed with the entrepreneurial drive around her, but she realised that many Malawians did not have the financial literacy to execute their ideas.

Thus her idea was born. She developed a financial-literacy curriculum for high school girls called Student Driven Solutions, and partnered with a school in Lilongwe to pilot the program.

One of the poorest countries in the world, Malawi is also young: nearly 70 percent of its population is under the age of 24; the median age is 16. AIDS has had a devastating impact on the people. Agriculture is the dominant economic activity, and unemployment is high. Few Malawians have bank accounts (only 15 percent by one estimate) or practice basic personal financial planning. English is the country’s dominant language, and Chichewa is spoken widely.

“It was really great to be surrounded by Malawians who are my age and who felt it was their responsibility to help bring their country forward and to see progress happen,” she said. “They had already done such amazing things and were already leaders in their community. It made me think that I should be doing that too.”….

~~Thank you to Riverdale Country School for featuring our Founder, Rebecca Gross, and the work we are doing in Malawi! Rebecca is grateful for the support she has received from her High School and it means the world to her to be recognized by the very place which first inspired her to commit to global education in Sub-Saharan Africa!~~

African Studies Alumna Starts Education Initiative

…After studying education with her African studies certificate, alumna Rebecca Gross (COL ’14) designed and founded an education initiative in Malawi that aims to teach young girls leadership skills by helping them propose viable solutions to community problems.
The initiative, called Student Driven Solutions, was created in December, and students in the program are currently in their fourth week of lessons. Gross said that the five-month curriculum combines both practical lessons of financial literacy and business skills with active participation. The class will culminate in a final project in which students will work in groups to identify a problem in their community to address….

~~Thank you to the Hoya for the feature on our Founder, Rebecca Gross, and the work we are doing in Malawi! Rebecca loved Georgetown and is a proud Hoya! It means a lot.~~

Rebecca Gross (ASP’14) Founds Student Driven Solutions in Malawi


…Inspired by her African Studies thesis work, Rebecca Gross (ASP’14) founds an education initiative, Student Driven Solutions, in Malawi….Our mission is to provide Malawi’s young women with the skills and confidence necessary to address challenges in their community through an integrated business and advocacy curriculum

~~Thank you to Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and the African Studies department for sharing our story.~~

Student Driven Solutions Organisation Empowers Malawi Young Women

….Student Driven Solutions has designed a comprehensive and innovative 20-week curriculum for financial literacy education coupled with student conceived hands-on community projects. The curriculum is based on UNESCO guidelines and financial literacy coursework….

Interview by Channel for All Nations Radio

Our founder, Rebecca Gross, was interviewed by Channel for All Nations radio at a Girls Education Network Meeting. She talks about how Student Driven Solutions empowers students to solve global problems in local ways.