Our Mission

To provide financial literacy and business skills education to female secondary students and school dropouts alongside an integrated social justice curriculum.


Students practice active citizenship – Students lead community engagement activities and implement community development projects to learn first-hand how they can affect change and advocate for the issues that matter to them.

Students receive financial management training – Students learn valuable entrepreneurship skills such as budgeting, saving, setting prices, calculating profits, and identifying market opportunities.

Students gain independence, confidence, and self-advocacy skills – Students participate in weekly group activities designed to build their confidence and ability to speak out about issues that matter to them. 


Leadership development – Youth in Malawi represent much of the country. Malawi needs young leaders to take action today.

Self-advocacy – Girls must feel comfortable voicing their opinions and believing that they deserve the same opportunities as boys.

Youth empowerment – Youth might not believe they can make a difference when in fact their actions can create a movement in their communities. Let’s teach youth that their actions matter.