About us

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Our Vision is that Malawian women are financially independent civic leaders who create social and economic opportunities to empower others.

Our Mission is to provide financial literacy, business, and community engagement training to young women in Malawi.

The How: Student Driven Solutions has developed a comprehensive training program called Girls Empowered that focuses on financial literacy, business, social justice, and poverty alleviation. The Girls Empowered program enrolls women aged 15 to 25 from rural or peri-urban villages in Malawi. Participants meet at local facilities twice a week to learn from teachers and facilitators. The curriculum covers topics such as budgeting, saving for emergencies, banking, and investing in your future. Before graduating, every class designs and implements a service project to raise awareness of a community problem they have identified.

Student Driven Solutions has two main goals – that Girls Empowered trainees become Financially Independent and Agents of Change in the Community.

What are our values?

  1. Leadership development – Youth in Malawi represent much of the country. Malawi needs young leaders to take action today.
  2. Self-advocacy – Girls must feel comfortable voicing their opinions and believing that they deserve the same opportunities as boys.
  3. Youth empowerment – Youth might not believe they can make a difference when in fact their actions can create a movement in their communities. Let’s teach youth that their actions matter.