Our Model


Our students receive weekly after-school lessons for five months. Trained teachers implement the curriculum alongside young female mentors. All our mentors have experience in business or education and serve as advisors. Each student receives the materials she needs to participate in the program, including weekly snacks. At the end of the program, students receive awards for their contribution throughout the course and the materials needed to launch businesses of their choice alongside fellow SDS peers.

Active Citizenship Module

We teach students what it means to be an active citizen. Each girl shares her experience and voices her opinion. A theatre group joins us to develop confidence.

Financial Literacy and Business Skills Course

We teach financial literacy and business. Some topics included are budgeting, saving, setting prices, and evaluating markets. Students work in teams to develop business ideas. We provide materials for each team to launch their business. The Reserve Bank of Malawi visits to discuss managing finances.

Student-designed Community Engagement Projects

Our students design community events to feature an issue related to what they have been discussing in class. They then develop an initiative to address this issue in their community. A local social enterprise joins us.