Partners: KAPS Model School

Meet our team at KAPS Model School

IMG_6173 2 Our mentors join us from around Lilongwe. One of our mentors is studying nursing at the Lilongwe College of Nursing. Another mentor is at University. One mentor received her degree in Accounting and now serves as a teacher. Another mentor works in Lilongwe as a businesswoman. We are grateful they decided to join us this year!

IMG_6176Our teachers currently work at KAPS Model School. Precious Sohaya recently graduated from Mzuzu University with a degree in Education, majoring in English and minoring in History.  He is in his first year of teaching at Kaps, teaching English and Social and Development Studies.  Precious was inspired to become a teacher because his father and brother were also teachers.  He believes that teachers can help serve those less fortunate.  By providing high quality education, he can help address community problems, like school dropouts.  He chose to partner with SDS because the core values are in line with his ambitions, especially assisting girls and school dropouts.  His hope for the girls is that they might be able to stand on their own and have hope for their future because of this program.   Samson Jumbe is a recent graduate of the University of Malawi Polytechnic and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Education in Business Studies.  He has been teaching accounting and economics for 4 years and now teaches Bible Knowledge, Agriculture, and Social Studies at the Kaps Model School.  He has a strong passion for teaching because he enjoys collaborating with other minds and wants to be able to impart knowledge to others, as his teachers did to him.  In addition, he has a strong passion for entrepreneurship and believes that it can solve many of Malawi’s problems.  He chose to join SDS because the program is a combination of his passions and he wants to use his skills in teaching business concepts to help young girls in Malawi.  He hopes that a combination of improvements in education, learning business and life skills, and financial support will help the future of a Malawian girl be bright.