Partners: Tsokankananse Secondary School

Meet our team at Tsokankananse Secondary School


Our mentors at Tsokankananse join us from different parts of Lilongwe. Some mentors recently completed university and are interested in becoming teachers. Some mentors are businesswomen who have vast experience as entrepreneurs. Together, they make an inspiring team!

IMG_6025 2 Our teachers are excellent role models to our girls. Hajira Zamangwe went to Natural Resource College where she studied Nutrition and Health. She started a business selling foostuffs from South Africa. She began teaching Social and Development Studies five years ago. A few years ago her students got great results in their national examinations and she was so proud. She sees a need for changes in education in Malawi for both students and teachers. Bessie Bwanali teaches English and Bible Knowledge. She loves seeing the changes in the students after interacting with them for four years. It motivates her to see that she helped them make their dreams possible. She is also a member of a village and savings loan and does business selling kitchenware to her community. Josephine Mmame, received her Bachelors of Education at Chancellor College. She teaches geography, life skills, and social and development studies. She has a passion for the job. She wants to see her students becoming big in society and doing something good for her country. She sells homemade baked goods when she is not teaching.